One of the proven ways you know a trend is dead is when a corporation attempts to monetize the popularity. An offshoot of this tone-deaf messaging seen from big business is when they attempt to wade into the social activist realm.

The term “Get Woke, Go Broke” was made for a reason. Without fail when companies try their hand at virtue-signaling they end up looking at self-created problems. Enter the British division of Budweiser. Their advertising arm was determined to make the proper gestures as June is Gay Pride Month, but it ran into challenges.

The brand, which has long marketed to gay markets, attempted to expand on the inclusiveness but was unsure where it should stop.

Already there are issues.

Maybe tell that to the intersectionalists? They insist that they have it worse for that very reason.

Oh hell, this can turn into a Gordian knot of a hornet’s nest!

Not content to have muddled the issue Bud UK went further. Turns out they realized there are numerous splinter groups within the Pride movement, and you cannot risk alienating anyone when you are properly virtue signaling.

And …

But wait now — we already established the black stripe was for the race. now…what are we to interpret?

We can guess, the white stripe will represent a black person who is transitioning…maybe???

Now there is MORE confusion. Are not lesbians included in the original flag? Theirs is the first letter in the alphabet string — LGBTQ+. It is starting to look like either the Gay Pride flag will need to be four feet in length,  with color stripes thinner than piano wire.

But…there was already a yellow stripe, and it is for those outside the gender binary, on the original flag.

Wait, wait — WAIT. This becomes the THIRD interpretation of the black stripe. And white represents “non-asexual allies”. So simply being sexual gives you an independent stripe…for…?

Uh, magenta essentially means you are then attracted to anyone, it seems, and even THAT is open for debate. By this point the migraine that is induced requires something far more potent than a light beer.

Ultimately this is all harmless, and the company seems to be making an effort, but at the same time, they also seem to be trying too hard. Is it not enough to simply indicate you are inclusive? This need to list off every single facet of a movement seems rather laborious.

Maybe — and this is not the opinion of a professional marketer, mind you — spend more of that energy making a beer people will enjoy drinking? Just spitballing ideas here…

Honestly, those commercials do not make much more sense, so this may be a wash.

And believe it or not, there were still those who were not satisfied that enough groups were not included.

Imagine going to these lengths just to find out if this beer is appropriate for you to drink, or not. The slide rule and flow chart needed to do any grocery shopping must be exhausting.

One question from a liquor fan: if a person was to drink their bourbon straight, would that make them automatically intolerant???