Over in Britain, there has been a rash of attacks by leftists involving hurling milkshakes at political foes. Since Nigel Farage and other hated figures have been the target, some journalists contorted their views to stand in support of the practice. Some have even gone so far as to declare that saying certain words is “violence”, while assaulting someone by throwing objects at them is not a violent act.

Get ready now for that pretzel logic to be employed in the U.S.

In Pensacola Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-R) was leaving a town hall meeting he had just completed when he was faced with protestors. While leaving he was hit with a frozen drink.

Gaetz had a calm response to being assaulted.

From Media Matters however, that outlet’s campaign director Jordan Uhl saw no problem with the actions.

That the term “milkshake” has become a verb is only the start of the lunacy. Continuing it is the woman who allegedly threw the drink — Amanda Kondrat’yev — is a former candidate who ran against Gaetz for his congressional seat. (She has wisely locked down her Twitter account.)

Another dose of idiocy is how many on the left are actually applauding that act, diminishing the practice of attacking politicians. In fact, Uhl saw plenty of comedy to be found.

And when someone mentioned the violence of this act being met with a response Jordan got offended.

Understand now, Media Matters has been on a regular mission to declare that words spoken are inciting violence.

(The subheading on this article is precious, as it boldly predicts that words spoken “incites unpredictable violence”. Okay…then.)

Other examples of words being deemed more violent than actual violence.

Despite all their wailing over the years about words leading to violence, they are present with violent acts and feel as if this is acceptable behavior. Somehow committing assault, and their condoning of the act, will NOT lead to more violence, is what we are led to believe.

Unlike those examples given of people saying things that Media Matters disagreed with, Amanda Kondrat’yev was arrested on the scene, and charged with aggravated assault. It will be left to those claiming this is not violence to explain how those charges apply when nothing objectionable took place.