As you know the polarizing issue of abortion has – surprisingly – become extremely polarizing the past month. This unforeseen contentiousness has led to many of the opponents of the recent laws passed in Georgia, Alabama and (wait for it) Missouri to begin spouting completely imbalanced arguments.

This hysterical analysis has not escaped the press, as they have strained to explain the laws and defend abortion while desperately (that is, futilely) trying to sound unbiased. Only one recent example was seen at the Huffington Post, where they felt they had perfectly sound reasoning to explain support for the recent Alabama abortion law.

(Sigh) So much idiocy to untruck here. To begin, note the unsubtle inference that this being Alabama naturally white supremacists were behind the passage of this law. For proof, the writer Andy Campbell relies mostly on anonymous comments he found — on Gab.

For this little nugget of slander to take hold you need to ignore some key facts of the new state requirement. It was signed into law by a female governor, Kay Ivey. The bill was drawn up by another female, Rep. Terri Collins. And the vote in the Alabama legislature was not a closely debated issue between the genders; it passed the House and the Senate by a combined vote tally of over 90%. And those supposedly oppressive male members of the state capital were put in place to rule by…a majority of female voters. In the last election more women in Alabama cast ballots than men, by nearly 200,000 voters.

But why don’t we address this white supremacist theory Andy has offered up? Sounds logical that the white supremacists would want to bolster their numbers, correct? Well, for that theory to hold up then the supremacists will want to call for MORE abortions, not fewer.

Turns out that on a racial level whites have the fewest abortions of any of the racial groups. The other races have abortions at a rate of more than 6/1 compared to whites.

HuffPo’s idiocy was not unrecognized.

All of this reliance upon facts, truth, and proven history can only be attributed to one thing: Hateful misogynistic racist homophobes. There, that proves it all correct!