It was long enough in coming, but Joe Biden FINALLY made his announcement of running for the Presidency official late last week. And while it took him a while to announce it took no time for the problems with Joe to erupt.

Plagarism, harassment questions, misrepresenting his college record, his work on the Anita Hill hearing, and some weirdly racist comments he have all loomed quickly after he entered the race.

One other challenge however was completely unplanned for: Joe’s campaign logos are getting dragged.

Helpful as they were in explaining to us what it is we can actually see for ourselves, the Center for Politics and Design did not explain one detail: why are the logos for Joe so horrible?!

The Biden team has created a number of variations, and none of them has inspired much in the way of positive feedback. There is this play, off of his first name, that is also missing the mark.

There was also another problem found with this design–

And more than a few noted the desperation in this effort.


And then there were the outright misfires noted.

And there is probably one thing that the Biden camp does NOT want to call attention to with their graphic design.

Maybe this last one was an early draft that was rejected.

Well, at least they didn’t opt for JOE!