When it comes to the social activists we are all familiar with their remarkable ability to find offense in nearly any venue they choose. The latest is just another example, and it goes far to underscore how vacant their complaints are in reality.

The Scottish Maritime Museum has announced they will begin using gender-neutral terms for ships.

For centuries mariners have affectionately regarded their vessels in the female form. Not just naming them, but in referring to their seacraft with the use of “She-Her” terms. Well, like everything that is traditional and inoffensive the contemporary social scolds have deemed this practice as “sexist”. How giving an inanimate object a pronoun becomes offensive to anyone is a complete mystery, but these are the times in which we live.

The activists have been scratching out the gender references on marble placards, causing expensive repairs to be undertaken by the museum. To avoid further expense, they will resort to non-specific references on future displays.

The ever intolerant Tolerance Police have resorted to basic vandalism in order to make their point. And as a result, the museum is effectively rewarding this anti-social behavior. Some reactionary gets their knickers in a twist over something that was acceptable for centuries, and they feel justified defacing property to make a social statement.

A few sane folks understood.

But of course, this being the British Realm, you will have the elitists who would agree with this practice.

When it is someone from Britain — and a journalist — that may have them described as being a “compound squish”. Not too many seemed swayed by Kevin’s wokeness.

Oh come now, good sir — there is no place for your factual explanations, not when there is baseless social outrage to support!

At least a few saw some far more pressing issues to concern themselves over.

It does not even need to be today’s world; it would have zero relevance in any other era as well.

That hit the nail on the head well enough to be dimpled into the woodwork.

Amazing that with all of these rational voices out there we see an entity bowing to the irrational actions of a lone crank who cowardly exerts their will by force. If you wonder how you got Brexit, this was how you got Brexit!



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