The Mueller report has delivered a seismic impact on the media complex. After 2.5 years of trumpeting the defined story that Trump collaborated with Russia it has been exposed that all of that hysterical blather was for nothing.  It is understandable they will not be sure how to react.

While making excuses, working to keep the narrative alive, and insisting nothing is over until they see the “whole report”, there has been another curious reaction in the press — Democrats are reported to be acting  of a character normally assessed upon Republicans.

Well, that sure is a refreshing take on the issue. Although the report has very little in the manner of giving Democrats material we suppose there is enough for them to react to in a positive fashion…maybe???

Anyway it may be happening. And it seems to be spreading.

Sure they are, what else will they do – admit they were wrong?

Then there was Twitchy fave, Eric Swalwell, facing other tough questions–

Being unable to actually sit through the clip let us just say it is assumed that he nuked Wolf after that.

This is a dawning of a new era in journalism. Dems are able to be described in the fashion of the negative reaction when bad stories break. (Exhale). This could be a fresh start for the nation, and we will collectively be better as a result. (Note: It is not, and we won’t.)

And it looks as if the Washington Examiner is attempting to add to the reactionary headlines – “Snap back” is a fresh take on things.

Well at least it was a refreshing change…for one day.