And you thought the Aladdin trailer had people upset?

It has just been announced that Will Smith has been selected to play the role of real-life individual Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars Serena aand Venus Williams.

Except all is not well. There are a number of people who are voicing their displaeasure at this selection. It turns that, although a black man himself, Smith is not…black enough?!?!

And amazingly the sports writer is not alone in his pigmentation protest.

Would it be race-splaining to point out everyone has been perfectly fine with Alexander Hamilton being played by a black actor on Broadway for years? It would…?

Okay, moving on…

“Shouldn’t”. He shouldn’t be playing in the role, because…???

At least not everyone was caught up in the hue and cry taking place.


This of course takes us on an odd tack now. What if past movies are to be retconned based on the skin tone of those being portrayed?

There are even more potential pitfalls to this type of purity test–

Oh holy crap! Try imagining what the reaction would be if a black performer used makeup to appear darker on screen! A black man in blackface might just be what it takes to melt down the internet!