The next Marvel comic book film for Disney, “Captain Marvel” is set to open next Weekend. There has been all type of speculation surrounding this release.

Initial projections had the film doing some monstrous business, with estimates stating it could make $150-$180 its opening weekend. But then the lead actress, Brie Larson began making some activist-type of comments, and an undercurrent of negativity has seen the predicted opening forecast dropping down below $100 million.

Some of that negativity is due to Larson talking in feminist terms to describe the film, but then she took things further. She mentioned how there were so many white males at the press junkets, and she had to try clarifying what she meant.

While she may have wanted to include more at “the table” what she failed to grasp was this is a PR tour — steering clear of ANYthing controversial is the rule.

One reaction to her comments has been a growing number of fans going to RottenTomatoes and indicating they are not interested in seeing the film.

That 53% figure is very low, for a Marvel hero motion picture. This has been a bit of a backlash, but many in the press trying to defend the film are calling this “sabotage” by petulant male fan-boys.

For the record, these overreactions are missing a point: fans are not posting negative reviews to intentionally skew the rating. The film is not released, and therefore reviews are embargoed. What they are indicating is their desire to see, or not see the film, which is a feature on the RT site.

In a seeming reaction to this activity, news has been coming out about the presales of tickets being strong, as well as Twitter citing in its “Moments” tab that advanced reviews for the film have been “glowing”, which is being echoed by fans.

But in scanning through these early raves, see if you notice a pattern:

Just seems curious with the female-power messaging, and after Brie Larson calls for fewer male press members, that most of those “glowing” reviews Twitter is showing comes from female, studio-friendly voices.

It may actually be reflective of the overall impressions, but when you have press misidentifying male reactions it looks a touch coordinated to see this wave of female reviews.

Then there is another component that is…curious: There is a cat in the film. The cat is an important part of the film. There is a noted amount of enthusiasm for the cat, in this film.

Goose the cat has even been granted a live-stream on YouTube. Because…sure…


The cat is apparently so integral to the plot that it warrants its own tie-in marketing products.

So — there’s a cat in the film, you say? Huh. Okay then.

That’s an…interesting selling point. Well, good to know.

Sounds like something a typical triggered male would say!!!

(Agreement, nonetheless)