Do people drop cameras, in the fashion they do microphones? If so GOP House member Mark Walker can dump his Sony HD-Cam and stroll off stage.

Many have been scorching the sophomoric energy plan touted as The Green New Deal, courtesy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It is such an embarassing piece of supposed legislation that Democrats are upset that Mitch McConnell wants to actually hold a Senate vote to get them on the record supporting it. (“This is great, off the record!” seems to be their position.)

While much mockery has been floating around it will be hard to best this one. Walker takes some of the best pull quotes from the GND and fashioned a promo reel, in the fashion of the infamous disaster that was The Fyre Festival.

In case you are unfamiliar, Fyre Fest was touted as the Millenial social music event of a lifetime. (If you want a primer, there are 2 documentaries on the fiasco on streaming services.) Fyre Fest was hatched by grifters, was a scam from the start, and became a disaster of immense proportions.

In other words, it is the PERFECT exemplar of the Green New Deal.

In truth, most people see this for the disaster it already is. It is the oblivious idealists who showed up at the beaches for Fyre Fest…and who think this GND is a super idea.

If you saw the Netflix doc “Fyre” you understand.

Ha! Yes, we’ll all be reduced to eating Festival cheese slices on toast if AOC gets her way.

The truth in here cannot be refuted.

The best way to know that Rep. Walker landed this shot is the level of anger he churned up by simply posting the video. The GNDers are not too happy with him.

So, because there is only one idea to address climate change we should blindly follow it??? That’s like burning down the house to kill a spider, because that was the only plan anyone offered up.


Because…opposing a childish proposal…means losing money…and it all has to do with…But Trump!


Do you realize how many people aged 18-36 have absolutely NO idea how they would pay for this plan??

Posting the proposals in this video as they appeared in the GND is “blatant lies”? I guess that sort of proves the entire thing is a scam from the time it was printed.

If only a prior President had already dropped tens of billions of dollars on green energy and green jobs, then this country would be — we would be…

Well, we’d be exactly where we are today.


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