For most people with a rational sense of pragmatism, the story of singer/actor Jussie Smollet being attacked by MAGA hat-wearing racist homophobes did not sound legitimate. At all.

However, for those with a political motivation/axe to grind/partisan agenda/extreme case of TDS (circle all that apply) it was too good of a story to look at objectively. There were points to be scored, and they wanted the best seat possible on that accusation train. Many politicians jumped on instantly, only to find the story derailed as it took a sharp turn leading to Evidence Town.

As it is looking now like this too-perfectly-bigoted-to-be-true story is unraveling here are just some of the political notables who should retract their stance, but probably never will.

To kick things off, there is Cory Spartacus “Never let a good lynching go to waste” Booker, using the story to promote his personal legislation.

We are not aware that lynching is currently legal, but glad we are finally addressing this need.

Then we have the esteemed Speaker of the house.

Were the Covington High School kids attacked for who they were??? By the press, no less?? Just…idle questions…

Yes, fraudulent police reports (if that is proven the case) should never be tolerated.

Well Amy, I think we would need some evidence these 2 MAGA men exist, in order to deliver that particular lecture to them, agreed?

Ummm, yea – maybe best had you chosen to this one out, Kev.

Hey, how about the opinion from a think tank on the matter; they should have a measured and sober assessment on why we all need to pause before racing out to accuse–

Oh, nope. Kneejerking it, they were.

It is such an epidemic that fabricated incidents rule the headlines.

You may need to peel off that label Governor, and affix a different one entirely.

Seriously, this guy — I mean…seriously…

Interesting choice of words, considering Jussie has not been sure how to describe so much about this incident.

One may wonder if those were lyrics to a Snoop Dogg song.

Or, what kind of hat they wear, correct?

She’s a reporter everyone – we cannot expect her to actually dig into the facts of a story.

Of all the people who should know better than to comment over controversial stories, it is this yutz.

What is going to never happen is the collection of people who were demanding that President Trump immediately apologize over this incident coming forward and apologizing for rushing to accusation before facts came in.

The accountability only is expected of one side.