Newly installed California Governor Gavin Newsom offered up some supposedly sobering details about the opinions of his voters regarding a US border wall. Well, the details may be sobering, but the methodology is another matter. First GN’s reveal.

My, so many pull quotes contained inside of one pithy tweet. First off, this is an opinion poll; how do they KNOW it would not work?! Yes, yes – semantics. But still…

Newsom’s statistics were derived from a poll conducted by the Public Policy Institut of California, an outfit out of San Francisco with a strong tendency to lean left (but I repeat myself.) PPIC’s results come from not registered voters, but random phone number selection. Their results of these not-at-all-likely voters show that when asked about the border wall 69% disapprove of the plan, and 28% approve it.

Yet this does not square with other questions in the very same poll. At the start, when asked what the repondents considered the most important issue for the governor to focus, the number one response was — immigration. Huh.

Later, when asked how they would rate illegal immigration, between choices crisis/serious problem/not a serious problem/no problem 72% answered as a serious proble or crisis.

Which then brings us to point one. How many in California are aware of the extent of an existing border wall in their state?

Truth. So, much like Nancy Pelosi’s own fortified mansion, most Californians think a wall for them is okay, just not for anyone else?

Now on to another comment by Gov. Newsom, that is this would be a “waste of money”. I could mention the Green New Deal so many Democrats are raving about, which would cost more than all of our printed currency to enact. But let’s keep things local. How about that high speed rail line being constructed in the Golden State?

As for on other comment from the Governor: Saying Californians who have a wall currently, oppose a wall is one mark. And mentioning it being a waste of money when the equivalent of the funding has been spent already on a rail line that does not exist would be another.

It can be said that when it comes to “monumental stupidity” well — that seems a self-contained issue.





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