The state of Virginia has been unraveling politically in very impresssive fashion. Cases of past racial insensitivity by their Democratic party leaders continue to come out, leading many to ask one of two questions:

  1. Just what the hell is happening there?
  2. Are you sure this is not happening in Florida?

As much as writing “That’s not fair” is a temptation, intellectual honesty prevents this. And then, as if on cue, the Sunshine State and Psychiatric Ward rears up and delivers the goods.

Commissioner Nancy Oakley was facing charges of sexual harassment. This stemmed from a face-licking incident with another politician during a fishing tournament in 2012. To go along with the oral offense against the then City Manager, she touched him in an inappropriate fashion, and was reportedly intoxicated.

Well — yea. But there is a reason. Oakley decided not to run for reelection the year after the incident, so it was effectively dropped. However she came back to run for the position again in 2017. That was when the incident was brought to the ethics board.

No assurances needed. It is well established as fact in this area.

And, according to the Miami Herald, Oakley is a recidivist tongue assault predator. The public works director also stated he was similarly met with her oral approach on a few occassions. Also the sponsor of a local fishing tournament said he, and a number of volunteers all had their faces licked by Oakley.

And sure it is played out, but this one is appropriate.


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