Following the State Of The Union speech last night the Democrats followed up with the traditional response. There was all manner of confusion and head-scratching when it was announced that Stacey Abrams would be the one to deliver the party rebuttal.

The curiosity began due to Abrams not currently holding a major office. She recently a contentious bid to be Georgia’s governor. But the curiosity did not end there. Abrams appeared on camera with some very curious production values. Many were questioning the imagery.

It is a valid question. The crowd seems so far back and out of focus as to appear like they are beamed in. The halo effect Abrams has going looks less like back-lighting and more like a badly set chromakey.

Well, considering the amount of fraud at the polls we keep hearing about, this is a perfect representation of their voter base.

Such a valid point. As much as Hollywood donates to, and promotes Democrat causes you’d think they would support them with a bit of technical help.


Further supporting this theory, those “people” seen “standing” behind Abrams were shielded from the press. A local reporter was on the scene.

This is such a naive statement. How on earth does she expect to interview people who were not there??? Probably a video conference from the warehouse where they were gathered?