It’s like last September never happened.

While not getting near the media attention of a SCOTUS appointment Democrats are again in a lather about judges. CA Sen. Diane Feinstein expressed some frustration with President Trump, getting a tad bothered about him submitting names for approval to the Senate to fill slots on the always mercurial 9th Circuit Court.

By the sound of things Collins and Lee must have been really horrible back in high school!

The Senator appears to have forgotten how she was the source of the 11.9th hour introduction of Christine Blasey Ford to the Supreme Court confirmation process last Fall, setting off a contentious round of disturbing allegations levelled at Brett Kavanaugh. The problem-causing Senator is now wanting what sounds like a favor, calling for a Senate process to be implemented to aid in her own approval influence.

This blue-slip tradition is one where names of nominees are initially submitted to the Senators of the home state, along with a blue sheet. These “slips” are submitted to the Judiciary Committee if they approve of the nominee, and then they are moved for a hearing. If both Senators do not turn the slips in, the name is not forwarded.

This blue slip process has been altered, sometimes depending on the party in power. Senator John Cornyn explained the alteration best: “”I think there’s a difference between the blue-slip application at the district court level where the court is contained wholly within a state, as opposed to a circuit court, which covers multiple states,”

That Feinstein thinks she has any goodwill on her side is mirthful. If she is suggesting this process should be ahhered to out of a sense of fairness she is a touch mistaken.

Okay, that may have been eye-opener for DiFi. But as we know, cooperation and compromise in D.C. only applies to one party.

And how about the entitled language she is using here?

Yes, there it is. Someone seems to have difficulty remembering the balance of power.

Yea, about that election. While the Dems had a good mid-term result on the House side, judicial appointments are approved by the Senate. Following the Kavanaugh clown show the GOP actually picked up seats in that chamber.

Your presenting of the facts like this is so hurtful…