This weekend we learned that the solution to a politically inexperienced billionaire in the White House is to have a politically inexperienced billionaire run against him in 2020. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is churning the cream to see if it generates foam…or, some other forced coffee metaphor, regarding a possible Presidential run.

What has the left particularly quivering is that he is going to run as an independent, and the fear is him splitting the Dem votes, which will likely assure a Trump reelection.

This prospect has many on the left reacting in their usual fashion when they do not get their way: Boycott!

Joining in on the reactionary blather was the other cerebral titan from Think Progress, “judicial-jenius” Ian Millhiser.

Maybe we need to sit Neera and Ian down and explain to them the meaning of the word “former”? Schultz is out of the caffeine game, so their deciding to forego the elitist cup of joe will not impact him as much as they think.

Others, however, feel like this is a wondrous political concept.


Well, they are not “his” venues, Larry – but since when have facts mattered with your outrage before, correct?

Sure. You go spend your time “finding” 5-year-old coffee gift cards. Here’s hoping that quest will occupy you enough to ease your Twitter activity.

Just a word to those who claim to care so much for the working class: your petulant boycott will impact the working class mud-slingers far quicker, and more significantly, long before Schultz would likely feel anything at all.

The Left deciding to dump their cherished travel mugs if they don’t get their way, and convince a leftist politician to drop out of the race to make room for a…leftist politician?

This election may end up being fun after all.

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