Even though the government shutdown has ended – at least temporarily — the calamities springing from the tragedy continue. Word has come out that freshman Congressional superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be unable to mingle with celebrities and watch herself on a movie screen. (Take a moment to recover from this shock, if you need.)

The Sundance Film Festival is currently in swing, but Variety is reporting that the government reopening means that AOC is not able to jet out to Park City, Utah.

Tragic news, to be sure. How our political elites are prevented from comingling with the entertainment elites borders on the criminal. Trump must surely be to blame!

To make this effrontery even more grievous, one of the films being featured in the Documentary competition Sunday evening is centered on AOC herself.

What these complications are exactly is never explained, but it does sound like she has to go to work, dammit, and will not be able to kite across the country to celebrate herself with celebrities.

The film “Knock Down This House” followed four female congresssional candidates during their campaigns. Those other three — Amy Vilela of Nevada, Cori Bush from Missouri, and Paula Jean of West Virginia — each lost their bid for Congress. However the filmmakers hit the lottery by tagging along with the then unknown AOC.

Her victory means the documentary now takes on an elevated status at the decidedly left-leaning Festival. Last year the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary “RBG” played to standing-room-only screenings, and next month is essentially assured an Academy Award in the Best Documentary category.

The outpouring of sympathy for Alex’s tragedy has been moving.

All of this strife brings up a valid question, of course.

Shouldn’t tickets, according to AOC’s economic policies, be made free for all of those in lower tax brackets? Won’t the producers hand out tickets to everyone, after working for years on this project? Will it not be considered “greedy” for them to expect revenues be paid for their work?

Nah – it’s probably just hateful conservative questions like that exposing how threatened we feel about her.