Much fun has been had with the announcement that CNN’s pet prima donna Jim Acosta has written a book. Little surprise that the man who adores his reflection wrote a book about his work as a journalist. Not to say Acosta is full of himself, but whenever he has an affair it simply means he has agreed to see other mirrors.

CNN of course went full on promoting his book, absent anything approaching a critical voice.

CNN ran a full news article on the…uh, news. It has a few interesting side notes contained therein. According to the piece, “Acosta will share never-before-revealed stories of this White House’s rejection of truth.” So then, Acosta has unreported news items he has been sitting on for the sake of his book?

In his usual hyper-dramatic style Acosta states “This is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America“. Curious to know, who in the press has been harmed in any manner from telling the truth? And the next question of course is, just how dangerous could it possibly be if Jim is able to get published telling said truth? We suppose that will be in the book…?

Then there is this curiosity: “The book deal was first reported by the Associated Press.” Sooooo, a book deal for a CNN reporter was NOT first broken by CNN, according to the CNN story about the book deal??? How did they lose that scoop?!

One revealing detail came from Acosta peer Brian Stelter.

For months, you say Brian? Does that not then explain all of Acosta’s posturing and preening during that time was strictly for book fodder?

If only someone like a media reporter could look into the possibility of Acosta manufacturing outrage for book content, or questioning him about what news he has not reported in order to keep it for his personal gain. Maybe Brian knows a guy.

Such a brave firefighter, that Tater!

Perfect. Acosta becoming the embodiment of Verbal Kint is spot-on.