The cultural elitists in Hollywood are famous for doling out all sorts of advice and lectures on the proper way to comport ourselves in public — and infamous for contradicting their own societal mores. Seems at times the only true standards they have are “Double”.

The latest began when Erick Erickson pointed out just the latest example of leftist do-as-I-say obliviousness.

In an attempt to drag Erickson on this matter entertaiment writer David Slack (a show-runner on the “MacGyver” rebooted series”) jumped at him.

Clear things up, you ask??? Uh, no. Quite a few problematics to be found there, David. Where to begin?!

Well, for openers, it is rather difficult to digest a message about the vile nature of prejudicial thought WHILE you are trafficking in prejudice. So ALL people who wear a MAGA is racist?! Every Single Member of the Republican party is racist?!

And what else could we explore? Hmmmm. How about the problematics of assessing responsibility of repurcussions based on what people are wearing?

Next we could also bring up the point that Mr. Slack CHOOSES to work in an industry that shields and permits disturbing sexual predators on an open basis. Using his own logic does this not mean we can label him a rapist?

But there are still more issues in just his lone Tweet. What about the standards put forth by his own leftist agenda?

Uh oh…

And then…

Well…um…you see…David didn’t…um…BUT TRUMP!

The fact is all of these warriors on Twitter who are fighting the battle against the headgear of high schoolers are actually exposing more about themselves.

This is exactly their aim.