It seems we have yet to reach peak corporate wokeness. Despite a list of businesses which have attempted to signal their corporate virtue to the activist set, and falling into a public relations quagmire in the process, still more companies feel a need to inject themselves into the public discourse.

With the Women’s March once again poised to lecture us, for reasons few can tell Johnny Walker Scotch has joined in on the hectoring.

Wow. How a company with a PR division, marketing experts, a social media team, and tons of marketing data can be this oblivious is a marvel.

A number of prominent activist groups have disassociated from The March already. The NOW, NAACP, Greenpeace, Emily’s List, and the Southern Poverty Law Center are just a few. Things have become so toxic even the Democratic National Committee has pulled its support.

But Johnny Walker remains oblivious. The scotch brand says “Here’s to every voice“, to support a Women’s March that has actually silenced voices — Pro-life feminists, and The Students For Life groups have been disinvited from the events, for examples.

Oh, and there is that small matter of anti-semitism attached to the leadership as well. It appears Johnny Walker Scotch is cool with that kind of bigotry.


There’s another disconnect involved here I do not think the Johnnie Walker folks thought through. Linda Sarsour, and other Muslim leaders in the March, are not permitted to drink alcohol. Ooops!

The scotch brand has been trying to inject itself into the women’s movement for at least a year now. It has a version of hooch that it branded as “Jane Walker”. This was nothing more than the black version of its scotch with a new label and box, but hey — they care about women’s issues.

However, after committing to this movement for a year, the controversy flared and the company is essentially stuck now. Ah, the perils of corporate activism…

It is hard to understand how companies do not see the tripwires across the minefield that is social activism, these days. Repeatedly they envision the good marketing graces they could earn, without ever seeing the ramifications of angering the existing customer base.

But as a result there are the market reactions to keep us entertained.

They’ll get it. May be a touch late once they do, but they’ll eventually get it.