It’s the kind of news that knocks out headlines like, “ESPN Will Tape Delay The College Cornhole Playoffs”, or “The Days Of Our Lives” has been renewed for another season”.

It has formally been announced that informal CNN cast member, and former Ohio Governor, John Kasich will have a regular slot on the foundering news network.

To say the announcement that a devout anti-Donald Trump politician will join the round-the-clock anti-Trump network lineup was not surprising is to traffic in mass understatement.

The man can make a tepid PR tweet sound even less interesting.

Fitting, given it is not baseball season, and everyone despises the umpires. The best you could say about one is if you did not notice them during the game. That should go far in igniting a Presidential bid.

Yea – about that prospective run …

Precisely. How do you suppose this will be reported in his campaign filings once he decides to run? A “charitible media donation”?!

Even Media Matters went all blind squirrel on this one.

Curious – what does everyone’s favorite media analyst have to say about this questionable arrangement?

Uh…that is all? No mulling, no pondering the journalistic ethical stance of such? Tater was at least called out on his scathing report consisting of “Just Announced”.

What could possibly encapsulate the majesty of this announcement? How can it be properly be framed that a mailman’s son and pickle devotee will be signing on to a network that is routinely being beaten in the ratings by “Sponge Bob Square Pants”?

And now there is the proper summation to this scintillating announcement.