Many have been hoping that 2019 will somehow show an improvement over last year. (The same was said in 2018…and ’17, and ’16…) All signs though are pointing to only more of the miasma continuing.

Case in point: a company has come out to announce it is producing an action figure of the jowly, taciturn DOJ special investigator Robert Mueller.

Seriously. This is a thing, and it is happening. According to The Hill:

FCTRY CEO Jason Feinberg called Mueller the closest thing to an “anti-Trump.”
Mueller is literally the closest thing there is to an anti-Trump and he has come to symbolize all the virtues [President] Trump lacks — honor, dignity, integrity, ohh … and silence,” Feinberg said in a statement. “We’re legitimately excited about the real-life [Mueller] and what he brings to the narrative of these times.”

For the record, this is the same posturing doll maker that created the Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure that became a tree topper for Michael Moore. Though in the case of Mueller it could be more accurately described an Inaction figure.

The pitch to sell these, shall it be said, is a bit forced.

There can be other attributes to sell this one. The lack of communication, the implied usefulness absent proof, the small hole from whence leaks can emminate.


Another good one!

Those are extra.

That is what is at play here. Anyone who postures in any fashion as a resistence fighter – Michael Wolff, Avenatti, Stormy — becomes lionized by the organized left.

That IS another way of looking at an item of this nature.

Really now?! The man who consistently fails to deliver any substantive content has failed to deliver a substantive statement?

Of course, not everyone is enamored.

Well, that won’t get units moving

And THERE is your target demographic.