Prior to his speech Tuesday night there was a bit of a furor that President Trump was doing the unthinkable and speaking to the American public during primetime television hours. The conceit was no President had done so prior.

Part of the outrage from our media elites was that this “unprecidented” Presidential address was that it required Trump be fact-checked on his speech, and done as he speaks, if at all possible.

Well, CBS took on the requested task and the news outlet pounced, as it were, on one of the President’s factoids.

In laying out his case for the border wall one detail provided was the plight of females who dare set out to enter our land. President Trump stated that a significant number of these ladies are sexually assaulted during their travel.

Trump declared that 1-in-3 women were assaulted on these trips, but CBS found him to be incorrect. However, that is when the telling aspect comes to light. At first the news division corrected The President.

But then a dawning came over the editorial staff at CBS. Sure, they caught him with inaccuracy, but in their rush to prove him incorrect they managed to also make his point for him.

Oh-oh. Sure, you got the facts correct ultimately, but you also managed to show the problem is even worse than he declares.

Once the network realized that, by acting journalistically, it managed to strengthen the case made by The President it did the only thing responsible thing: they deleted the entry entirely.

Now on the page with the CBS speech fact-checks there is no longer any mention of the rape statistics. (The original archived page is here.)

Oh, we believe you know why…


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