When it comes to the term “nanny state” no other republic in the U.S. can approach the all-encompassing embrace of the definition like California. From environmental restrictions to bizarre homeowner policies to plastic bag restrictions and obtuse water management regulations – no other state comes close.

This is the state that told McDonalds they could no longer give away Happy Meal toys, all because a politician said it was hard for him to tell his children “No” as they drove by the Arches. (McDonalds instead charges for the toys, and they actually move MORE of them, while turning a larger profit as a result.) This is the state that recently criminalized restaurants serving drinks with plastic straws.

Now the next micro-managed policy is being forwarded. An assemblyman by the name of Phil Ting has latched on to the next big crisis to rock the Golden State, and we thank the stars he is there for the goodness of the residents.

All the elements are in place, from the fact-challenged statistics to the catchy rhyming hashtag!

And please, enough cannot be said about the shaming of the intern by posing on a stool as an anthropomorphic CVS receipt!

As the San Francisco Gate reported: “For the entirety of the 20-minute press conference announcing the legislation, a man dressed as a giant paper receipt stood on a stool in the background, somehow keeping a straight face.”

That dead-hearted 1,000-yard stare he wears as his soul is slowly constricting is all of us on Twitter at least once a week.

Seriously, we hope to hell he bartered some favors for that bout of public humiliation.

The constituents seem split on this bill. Many cite a few other issues going on in the state that MAY appear more in need of attention.

Ting, by way of his minion on a stool, along with many respondents were singling out CVS Pharmacies as the biggest offender of the paper chase. But as a voice in the wilderness pointed out, many retailers already offer up the option to get a digital receipt.

And as usual, you have to note the failure to think things through with these types of policy ideas.


But, but – he needs to appear as a useful public servant, by… telling the public what to do.

True. This has all the hallmarks of an “I’m Helping!” political opportunity.