God bless them, the British always manage to inadvertently serve as an object lesson to us here in The Colonies. Whenever we are faced with the ever eager leftist-socialist brigade trying to encroach further upon our liberties we need only look across the pond for inspiration.

British politicians forever desire to become more of the nanny-staters than they already are, so they rarely relent. Meet Tom Watson, the UK’s version of Michael Bloomberg, who endeavors to vanquish the scourge of our planet. No, not The Floss dance, but sugary drinks.

You have to enjoy the term, “flagrant marketing stunt”, as if that is a unique concept. Coke has been doing an annual holiday tour of England for decades. Their lit up trucks roll into town and hand out free cans of their products.

Watson is known for being on something of a crusade against sweetened beverages, evidenced by some of the language he employs. “I don’t think it’s too strong to say that coke is poisoning our children with the sugar in their products.”

Now who would think that declaring sugar is “poison” is too strong of a stance?! Reasonable, that’s what it is! As reasonable as a politician working to ban soft drinks, at least!

Not all see the same target as Watson, however.

Because then the Tom Watsons of the world would not be as needed nor control as much power? (Just spitballin’ here…)

And put Tom out of work? You are so callous!

But there have been other voters not particularly impressed with the focus of their politician.


The way the British leaders want to save their constituents from themselves before long they will become immortal! (Oh wait, do they have term limits there???)



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