The story of Jakelin Caal Maquin carries all the marks of a tragedy. The death of the 7 year old immigrant girl has become banner headlines after she suffered from symptoms of dehydration. This was a result of traveling over 2,000 miles from their home in Guatemala.

Directly following the family being taken into US border custody she fell gravely ill. The girl was immediately taken to emergency care, then airlifted to a hospital where she later succumed to her symptoms. In the aftermath a number of politicians desired to politicize this tragedy.

As we have covered, Hillary Clinton attempted to lay blame at the feet of US authorities. And now in true don’t-let-a-crisis-go-to-waste fashion a number of other Democrats are trying to gain leverage by politicizing this family’s tragedy.

The first tip off to trouble here — it takes more than 90 minutes to suffer dehydration. But not to be outdone with displaying an aversion to facts, Democrat golden child Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joins in. She retweeted this bit of hysterics from former Bernie Sanders Press Secretary, Erika Andiola.

(text of deleted tweet)


The misrepresentation was not overlooked.



What is astounding in all of this is how verifiable the details should be for those in power. After all, the authorities should have direct access to the details. CNN managed to dispel all of the desire to lay blame for Jakelin’s death on the governmental operations.

CNN lays out the facts in timeline fashion, and they show that the 7 year old’s physcial distress was evident before the family was processed. As soon as her condition was realized steps were taken to save her, but she was too far into her condition to save.

  • When initially detained they were asked about medical care. Jakelin’s father signed a form saying all were healthy.
  • Just hours later while being transported Jakelin was found to be vomiting and ill. Once they arrived at the facility she had stopped breathing. With a 105 temperature she was twice revived by paramedics.
  • In need of emergency care Jakelin was airlifted to a hospital in El Paso.
  • At the hospital she was revived a third time. She was found to have a swollen brain, and suffered liver failure.
  • Hours later the child passed away, a result of sepsis shock.


Not included in the timeline piece is a record of the days leading to the family crossing our border at a remote locale in New Mexico. It is estimated the 7 year old may have gone days without food and water prior to being detained. Malnurishment and dehydration do not occur in in the short time she had been detained. And Jakelin’s family was never held in a facility

The intent by politicians and many in the media to default blame on our authorities, and not look into what policies lead desperate people to imperil themselves and their families, means solutions will not be found anytime soon. This death is a tragedy. The desire to politicize it by some is a travesty.