Possibly the living embodiment of the term, “Dinosaur Rock”, The Rolling Stones have announced they will embark on a new U.S. tour beginning in April, the first show will be in Miami. (No word if it will be dubbed, “The Steel Wheel Chairs,” tour.)

Band mates Keith Richards and Ron Wood sat for an interview, discussing their plans for next year. However in speaking with the eponymous music magazine a bit of a bombshell was dropped:

Sometimes news comes at you and your mind is just not able to fully process it. “I pulled the plug on it. I got fed up with it.” Richards states he is down to just, “a glass of wine occasionally, and a beer.”

All told this has to be considered good news for the guitarist – that lifestyle is bound to catch up to a person! “It was time to quit,” says the 75-year-old rocker, although there are doubts he was likely to be too affected. At this stage he is essentially embalmed, isn’t he?

With word of his (mostly) abstinence, there is some skepticism, naturally.

The good news: alcohol inventories should grow as a result, leading to lower prices.

Now there has to be a select few who can utter this line without sounding ridiculous; “We’re still rocking like we’re 40-year-olds.” And God love him that they can, but in truth, what does he have left to lose??

Just sayin’ …

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