It has become clear the fealty from the left over Joe Biden is in full effect already. From the announced refusal to treat items as news, to the press swooning over Joe’s sock selection, and even the cabinet members with trivial hobbies being lauded as important.

Toure’ has shown he is equally eager to be a slobbering sycophant. Behold as he attempts to sell us on the concept of Biden being impressively verbose.

We can only take this to mean that Toure’ has not paid any attention at all to the campaign. The few times that Joe The Groundhog poked his head out of his basement burrow he was hardly a man who was impressing people with his diction.

The answer to that rhetorical appears to be a ”No”.

Just wait when Joe finds out he is about to become the president. It will come as a surprise to the man who repeatedly said he was running for the Senate.

But there were a number of people who agreed with Toure’.

The sentences might be full, but they are stuffed with incoherence.

Yeesh. How on Earth can Toure’ be impressed by this?!

AAaaaahhhh – yes, now this makes a bit more sense.