It has been a sheer oddity to watch the past couple of weeks as FoxNews has been apparently working on driving away its core audience. Making a leftward lurch in its broadcast content is something the executives at the network have had in mind for some time, and the arrival of a potential Joe Biden Presidency seems to have provoked them into taking action.

This has been recognized by many in the business — including Fox’s own Tucker Carlson.

What makes no sense is the Fox News formula has placed them at the top of the ratings — for years — but there appears to be something else these suits are focused upon. The results speak volumes. The audience has noticed the tonal shift in its coverage, such as anchors battling with administration officials in live segments, and this has resulted in the viewers fleeing the once dominant news network.

This is not CNN’s media analyst simply reporting on a change in the ratings. Stelter is actually readying himself for his next potential target. He is issuing a warning as to a change in the media landscape.

You have to feel for Tater. After years of trying to force Fox News to get in line with the other ”proper” news nets just as they apparently are doing so other nefarious networks are now on his radar. The poor guy!

Meanwhile, it has been noticed by many, including those within the Newsmax network that an opportunity has arisen.

And the interesting side note is there has been talk for some time of yet another entity entering the news fray, either as a wholly independent player, or taking over an existing component. For the Wall Street Journal to explore this possibility means it is more than simply street rumors.

All of which is rather early in the developments, but the reality is there has been a seismic shift already witnessed over at Fox. At our partner sites Townhall and RedState they have received correspondence from FoxNews where they expected corrections over the accurate reporting of the ratings. This is revealing in that they have PR firms reaching out to conservative outlets on their behalf at Fox, hoping to wallpaper over the holes in the recent ratings.