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Gun control zealots APPLAUD Jeff Flake defending Gabby Giffords against Ralph Norman's 'packing heat' comments

As Twitchy told you, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) pulled out a loaded gun during a meeting with constituents on Friday when he discussed the need to protect himself. He explained that he would not be like Gabby Giffords, implying that he would not be shot at and left defenseless.


Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (R), however, had issues with Norman’s comments and quickly came to Giffords’ aid.

Anti-gunners were quick to applaud Flake’s take on the situation but reminded him that it’s the Republican Party that pushes the “pro-gun agenda.”

Jeff Flake is ONE member of Congress. Out of 535. What on God’s green earth do people think that ONE person can do to stop Trump? Get real.


Can someone PLEASE explain to these people that the NRA doesn’t own legislators?

Um … so Flake should stay in Congress and become a Dem? Got it.


There were those gun control lovers who wanted Flake to condemn Norman even MORE than he already did. Guess his words weren’t strong enough?

If people wondered where Jeff Flake stood on things, the fact that Democrats want him to switch parties says EVERYTHING you need to know.

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