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Dana Loesch and #2A advocates SCHOOL so-called GOP strategist on the basics of self-defense

Yesterday, The Trace, a gun control news website, tweeted a New York Times article about the National Rifle Association’s spokeswoman, Dana Loesch.


GOP Strategist and former Jeb Bush presidential consultant Mike Murphy decided to attack Dana Loesch on this very issue, which wasn’t the brightest idea.


Since when does Loesch lack sanity for being a gun owner?

People jumped on the bashing before Loesch had the opportunity to respond.

Someone must have missed the #MeToo memo, you know, the one that says sexual harassment is a bad thing.

What makes you think she’s suddenly going to go nuts?

At least Second Amendment advocates came to Dana’s defense.

Unless you’ve ever been threatened and know what it’s like to live in fear, then seriously, do us all a favor and shut up.


AKA those liberals who preach “peace” and “tolerance” but don’t actually practice it themselves.

Seriously. If you hate guns and/or the Second Amendment, pipe down and let the rest of us enjoy our Constitutional, God-given right.

It really isn’t all that taboo to have multiple firearms throughout your house, especially if you have a multi-level house.

When Loesch finally did respond, she did so in such an awesome way.

This, my friends, is a classy response.

Afterwards, Loesch subtweeted Murphy.



HAHAHA! Truth.

SOP = standard operating procedure

Or gun control advocates. Or anti-gunners. Or Second Amendment haters.

You get it. The list could go on and on forever.

We’re all about that #pewpewlife.


And that, folks, is how it’s done.

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