As Twitchy told you earlier, President Donald Trump offered up thoughts and prayers to the victims of the YouTube shooting in San Bruno, California. It wasn’t long before Trump received criticism from the Left for failing to enact gun control legislation.

Bette Midler, however, wanted to know why Trump failed to stand up to the NRA (because, you know, everything SOMEHOW comes back to the NRA).

Hmm. Could it be the 5.5 MILLION members the NRA represents?

Midler’s followers (who are obviously super liberal) were quick to jump in and answer the question on Trump’s behalf. And, as you could have guessed, most of the answers had to do with money.

Oh. Right. The Left is still on the Russia collusion theory.

*eye roll*

Oh, right. Republicans fail to have hearts because we want policy based on facts and logic, not emotion.

What an original insult.

Serious question: why does the left always resort to “f*ck [insert whatever they hate]”? Why can’t they demand something without cursing?

Translation: The Left assumes Trump is easily swayed by whoever he surrounds himself with and has no original thoughts of his own.

OFFS. You have GOT to be kidding.

If you want to be technical, then Everytown for Gun Safety had their hand in this too because they have their hands in gun policy as well. So should YouTube also sue them?

At least there were people with enough common sense to question Midler.


Exactly. Acting like these shootings suddenly started happening when Trump took office is stupid.