Earlier today, Dana Loesch pointed out former Congressman David Jolly using the wrong gun terminology during a CNN interview.

The NRA Spokeswoman later explained why it’s important for gun control advocates to know what it is they’re wanting to ban.

Of course, Moms Demands Action founder Shannon Watts had a TON of questions for Loesch, but, like most of conservative Twitter, she has Loesch blocked. Shocker, right?

Wow, Shannon. You’re SO big and bad asking Dana Loesch all of these questions. Have you thought of unblocking her so that she can actually SEE and ANSWER your questions? Oh, that’s right. You block anyone who disagrees with your point of view, even if they have an intelligent point to make.

WE care because terminology MATTERS when it comes to public policy.

That’s rich coming from a former Planned Parenthood worker.

OH. EM. GEE. Shannon you’re SO fabulous! Your Twitter war against yourself is AH-MAZE-ING!

You’re an idiot for even believing what you say.

That’s a mighty big cult. 5 million members? WOWZA.

Is this the latest gun control talking point? Because you all might want to freshen up and find something different if it is.