On Monday, NRATV released a new video of Spokeswoman Dana Loesch telling the mainstream media that their time is almost up. The whole purpose of the video was to let those in the legacy media know that people are tired of them being partisan and pushing their political ideology as “news” and “facts.”

Parkland shooting survivor Sarah Chadwick decided to make a parody video similar to Loesch’s and people quickly applauded her.

How does Dana use free speech to “alter and undermine what our flag represents?”

And what does the flag represent to you, Ms. Chadwick?

Awesome. You went to the store and bought one. They’re really not that difficult to find, you know.

So this is all fun and games for you guys. Got it.

So taxpayers are paying you to protest. Awesome.

Not everyone agrees with what they’re pushing for.


Pretty sure Dana can handle being insulted by a few teenagers. She’s had crazy stalkers in her past, which caused her to move. This is just a video.

Gun corporations aren’t dividing us. People WANT to utilize their Second Amendment. That’s what gun control advocates fail to understand. They think gun manufacturers are just in it for the money. Apparently protecting a Constitutional right means nothing.

Oh, great. Another taxpayer-funded protestor.


The NRA isn’t a “Russian puppet.” Just because NRA members disagree with you doesn’t mean that we’ve been hijacked.

That would make TOO much sense.