Last week, Meghan McCain slammed CPAC for allowing attendees to boo her father’s name when President Trump mentioned Sen. John McCain’s (R-Z) vote against Obamacare.

Matt Schlapp, the Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which puts on CPAC, appeared on “The View” Friday to discuss this very topic.

Come on, Meghan. REALLY? Your dad doesn’t need you fighting his battles for him. He has been politics a LONG time. Criticism is part of the job.


That’s quite the start though.

She seems to be taking this rather personally.

Everyone’s feet should be held the fire. EVERYONE.

Those of us in the Republican Party know that Senator McCain is a war hero. None of us question that. But we’re allowed to question his policies. That’s part of the job description of being an elected official.

It’s all or none in the game of politics.


This is definitely true. The conservative movement could use this as an opportunity for self-reflection.