Parkland shooting survivor and gun control activist David Hogg appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter. Hogg focused on the power of the NRA and, specifically, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

Hogg got a handful of information incorrect.

He called Loesch the NRA’s CEO, when she’s not. She’s their Spokeswoman.

He said Loesch owns Congressmen, which is false. Hogg believes that because the NRA donated to Second Amendment-supporting legislators that suddenly they’re being bought off by the gun group.

Hogg also said Loesch doesn’t care about children’s lives, yet she has two children of her own.

Watch the video for yourself:

Conservative Christian pundit Carmine Sabia was quick to call out Brian Stelter for failing to press Hogg more on his beliefs and claims.

The NRA can’t pass legislation because they’re not the Congressional body. Congress has to write bills, vote on the bills and then, once they’re passed, they become laws.

Even if you look at the transcript, there’s very few times Stetler interjects himself into what Hogg is saying. He let’s Hogg droe on and on.

If he’s going to come out in full force against Loesch and make personal attacks on her, he should at least know her position and how the basics of Congress work.


He got his information from “research” he did but he still got the info wrong. Shouldn’t you have told him he was wrong?

Hogg made it sound like Dana is out there handing guns to every person who walks by her.

Oh no. Wouldn’t want to infringe upon your weekend. Heaven forbid Americans know what the true facts are.

Because…you know, vacation >>> journalistic integrity.

Such a craaaazzzzyy assumption there, Carmine.

Dana saw the interaction and jumped in.

Stetler just added fuel to the “legacy media” fire.

And, to make things even sillier, Ben Shapiro jumped in to ask Dana if she could use her power to get Congressmen to pass entitlement reform.

That would be a good start.