In a rather interesting public relations move, two more airlines join the list of companies who pulled their back from the NRA.

People on both sides of the political aisle were fired up about the scenario.

“Doing the right thing” really depends on who you are and your point of view.


She has a point.

These companies made a decision to get involved in politics when they began offering discounts to NRA members. Now that they’re getting backlash, so they’re backpedaling.

It’s not about jersey burning. It’s about not watching games or buying more merchandise.

You don’t understand how boycotts work either. You’re insinuating that people bought goods to burn when that’s not the case at all.

Because they want to repeat the rewards.

Being “on the right side of history” is one of the lamest talking points that the left has.

That’s like saying, “this guy thinks Chris Brown is bad but he beats his wife, soo…”