ThinkProgress editor Judd Legum has spent the past few days spearheading an effort to get businesses to cut ties with the NRA. Because businesses that don’t bend to progressives’ will must be punished into submission.

Legum and his minions have been making some headway, though, and yesterday, Enterprise announced that they’ve decided not to renew their contract with the NRA after their current one expires next month:

Other members of the Enterprise family are cutting ties, too:

So, all you’ve gotta do to make a company bend to your will is breathlessly accuse them of supporting murder. Easy-peasy! Just don’t point out this inconvenient truth and expect a response:

Enterprise is about to learn a hard lesson.

Guess not. But now, the feeling is mutual.

Let’s take a look at how Enterprise is faring so far:

But by all means, SJWs. Keep encouraging businesses to write off large swaths of the American public.

The only dent will be in their profits. Good luck with that, guys.



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