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Nina Turner tries to hit DeSantis but gets sidetracked by a SIMPLE request to define WOMAN

Nina Turner set out to be her regular Leftist self and wanted to take a swing at DeSantis. Her plans were sidetracked when a simple question was thrown her way and it went all downhill for her from there.


*Yawn* The leftists seem to think this is a great ‘GOTCHYA’ question since that little blip with Bethany Mandel. They think it is their very own ‘What is a woman’ zinger, but woke has been clearly defined many times and it is a much easier definition for the Right than defining a woman for the Left.

That single simple question did set Nina’s attempt to dunk on DeSantis into a tailspin and it is GLORIOUS!

OOOH BOY. Here we go. Apparently, we can just say we are something and we are that. This editor is now going to say we are MAGIC and we can’t wait for that to be reality!

We are not supposed to judge, but Jeffers looks very white to us …

EWWW. Who would WANT to be a cat? They are the Leftists of the animal world. At least choose a nice animal like a dog.


DARN, IT! We should have chosen that instead. Being a billionaire would be cool but the wings would be AMAZING.

We found a few users who said Turner had defined woke when defining a woman!

Turner will pretend she never saw those replies, but they are spot on.

Want a real zinger of a question? Stephen Miller just handed you one Nina Turner.

We got a big kick out of the tweeters who just plain were over Turner and told her how ridiculous she was.

YUP! It is all made up, it is ludicrous, and it makes the term woman meaningless. The thing is, Nina, does not care one bit if it furthers her Leftist narrative.


Welp, although we do not agree with the circular definitions thing, he might be right on that one, but just in the case of Nina Turner and any other Leftist who decides to be that stupid on a regular basis.

We found one person whose bio says they are indeed a trans-woman with a Ph.D. in quantum mechanics and Gender Biology from Harvard.

We have no way to prove that bio is correct, but if it is they had a surprising take and we always want to support people who can be honest and it is pretty brave to speak out on a subject like this if you are going against a lot of the people who you would normally agree with.

We know a lot of people may not agree with those definitions but we felt like it was a good summary.

We are not out here trying to harm the valid messages of trans people with correct views and common sense like Blaire White who admits that trans is not the same as biological women. We are just pointing out that words have meanings and if we stop having words that mean things eventually nothing will matter.


Go forth and continue to be silly Nina we will see you again very soon, we are sure of it.



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