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Soledad O'Brien called out for being sol-e-DUMB for her take on NRO review of The Little Mermaid

Twitchy readers are VERY familiar with Soledad O’Brien because she REGULARLY embarrasses herself for saying stupid stuff and being called out for it on Twitter, Twitchy, and other places.


Welp, she has done it again!

In an effort to hit The National Review Online review of The Little Mermaid, she tries to imply the review boils down to the author thinking the actress playing Ariel is too black.

OOOOH BOY she is in for a surprise.

Look at that byline on the review. The author is Armond White. YEP, Mr. White apparently thinks Ariel is too black but wait for it.

HAHAHAHA! Yes. Mr. Armond White is indeed black and Soledad and many other Lefty minions want to basically imply he is racist?

How is that so? We have consistently been told black people can not be racist according to the Left.  Twitter had a field day with this information!

It is and we are happy about it because it gives us a good laugh and a good story to write. 🙂


We do not know why, but that one made us laugh. We ourselves could not phrase it that way but the image is perfection. EL-OH-ELLLL!!!

We are snorting laughing now. Adding the dear at the end as if talking to a small child just had us rolling.

She should be, but chances are Soledad has lost the ability to be embarrassed after all of the things she has said and done.

We loved that photo of Armond White. It is like he is just looking at Soledad and is about to shake his head and leave.

If we took away stupid and dishonest she may be left with no personality traits at all!



YESSS!!! Just like we told you about Daniel Cameron. It seems the Left does not think black people can be racist UNLESS the black person is on the Right.

Keep up the good work Soledad we will keep an eye out so we can call it out when you are being Sol-e-DUMB. 😉


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