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Another WOKE failure: ALWAYS sanitary products refers to girls as bodies with female sex organs

It seems we are ALWAYS fighting the Left in the woke wars anymore and now it is even seeping into PERIOD products.

ALWAYS sanitary products brand is now referring to girls as ‘bodies with sex organs’ in a puberty kit pamphlet to be given to children.


Here is an excerpt from the Daily Mail article about the puberty materials Always provides to schools.

The 22-page booklet, entitled a ‘Puberty and Confidence Guide for Everyone’, details both female and male puberty developments but at no point mentions ‘boys’ or ‘girls’, instead using ‘people’ or ‘person’.

We are not the only people who are OVER the woke wars. Many took to Twitter to call them out.

If there are, they are not being vocal about it. We need a ‘Jeremy’s Razors’ company for period products ASAP.


Most people never cared about the trans movement until the ‘Radical Trans Activists’ came into the picture and began trying to erase what makes a woman a woman. Be who you want to be, act how you want to act, dress any way you like, and do whatever you want to your own body as long as you are a consenting adult and you are not harming any other person.

It seems like they are all just trying to out-woke each other. We have no idea how they do not understand it is going to go bad, but none of them seem to be learning a lesson from the others before them.

It is just sad. We hope all of the bodies with both sex organs keep calling out all of this insanity. It should be ok to label products for PERIODS as being for females. PERIOD. *wink*


HA! Apparently. They looked at the Bud Light fiasco and went, we want some of that and we hope they get it. Just pass along all of the plummeting sales and bad publicity to all of the companies trying to erase women.

It makes no sense. Look, most people have no issues with trans women or their existence. The problem is not the existence of trans women, it is the REMOVAL of all things inherently female and the dehumanization of biological females.

Never Always needs to be their new tagline! We love it.

Oh, you would think so, but every time we think that we are at the peak, it somehow gets worse.


HA! We think that is a fitting ending. Forget you ALWAYS and any other company trying to dehumanize and erase biological women.

Never. Always. Forever.



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