Winston Marshall is the former banjoist for ‘Mumford and Sons’. Over the weekend a monologue from Bill Maher about ‘the woke mob’ gained a lot of traction.

The bit mentions Mr. Marshall and the apology he once issued over liking a book by Andy Ngô and tweeting about it. Twitchy covered that at the time and you can read all about it here.

Winston Marshall wanted to make sure everyone knows he RETRACTED that apology and quit the band. You can read his retraction here.

Most people were very happy to see the apology had been retracted because it obviously did not get as much coverage as the initial ‘offense’.

Andy Ngo also commented as the author of the ‘offensive’ book in question.

As a person who regularly fights against the woke mob, Christina Sommers, also applauded the retraction

There were so many people applauding his retraction that it really shows how little coverage it originally received. We admit we did not know he had retracted that apology until we saw his quote tweet to Maher.

We are not sure why Maher did not mention that Winston had retracted his apology, perhaps just an oversight. We think the point of the bit was to bring attention to how the woke mob wants to force people into a box where they must conform in every way and we support Maher’s efforts in that regard.

Exactly. This editor actually was a fan of the band, but the way they did not speak up for him at all over something so small. We too lost respect for them.

We agree. Maher should do a follow-up and give him credit where it is due.

We SHOULD be able to read whatever we want, but standing up and saying it as a ‘famous’ person in the music industry or anywhere near Hollywood will cause some problems.

It is never enough. In closing, we will leave you with one of the best tweets ever tweeted. It was not about the Marshall case but it is indeed fitting.

Dana Loesche had the right idea back in 2019 with this one:

Never bend the knee. Never.


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