The January jobs report is out and it does have some good news. The jobs numbers are GREAT!

Washington Post economic columnist Heather Long took this news to mean the economy is NOT in a recession but many people did not agree with that assessment.

The DC bubble does seem to create a lot of confusion. Things inside of DC are always going much better than they are on the outside.

Look, we are not the type of people who WANT a recession just because it would look bad for a Democrat. We are happy about good economic news, but we all can see things in front of our faces. Prices of EVERYTHING are up.

It is, but Heather can not be worse than Karine Jean-Pierre can she?

EXACTLY. There are many factors that define the state of an economy, jobs are just one of those, and refusing to talk about the rate of inflation does not give a full picture.

Nope. We do not talk about that. Nothing to see here. Move along.

We have no idea which side of the aisle this even falls on but we took ‘Bidenomics’ as an insult to Biden and we stand by that.

So many people have more than one job. You have the main job, the side hustle, and then sometimes even another on top of that! It is exhausting.

Great advice. Take it with a grain of salt and wait to see what happens.

We HOPE the economy does not go into a recession, but everyone knows their retirement funds are lower and we see grocery bill is higher every week.

Good luck Twitchy readers. May your groceries not force you into a 3rd job this month.


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