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Umm, aren't you forgetting something? CNN senior political analyst skips a generation

David Gergen, senior political analyst at CNN, has some thoughts on which generations should be next in line to run the country:


It certainly didn’t go unnoticed that he left out the generation immediately following the Boomers. You know, the generation that’s just at the right age to move into the positions of power that the Boomers are slowly (very slowly, if certain members of Congress are anything to go by) relinquishing.

Maybe a little bit.

Yes, apparently we are. Which some people seem to be quite okay with:

Good point. It is all a bit of a mess right now so hey maybe Gen X can just sit back and let the younger folks handle it while they keep doing what they’re doing:


Gergen’s observation has definitely brought out the memories of growing up Gen X.


The nostalgia memes are flowing fast and thick:

Hate is probably a pretty strong word but the greater point stands.

Gen X may be overlooked, but they’re sure having fun while it’s happening.

Yeah, it’s CNN. But still.

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