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Lefties Realize Joe Biden Isn't the Nice, Selfless Man They Said He Was and It's GLORIOUS to Watch

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

As we told you about last night, Biden's interview with George Stephanopoulos wasn't the campaign-saving breakthrough he needed after a week of bad press. 

You'll have to forgive us for reveling in a little bit of schadenfreude here, because not only are the Left and the media realizing how bad Biden's cognitive state is, they're also realizing the notion Biden is a kind, selfless public servant was a lie, too.


Watch as Biden says he's going to give it his all, and if Trump wins, all that matters is he tried:

Let this writer be clear: she doesn't believe for a second any of the accusations Biden and team are leveling at Trump. Why? Because she lived through 2016-2020, and this was after she didn't vote for Trump in 2016.

Trump is not a dictator. He is not a threat to democracy. This isn't the last free election of our lifetimes.

BUT the Biden team says it is. He -- and the entire Democratic Party -- have been beating that drum for years now. Trump is basically Hitler reincarnated, to sum up their arguments.

And yet here's Biden, admitting he won't drop out of the race even though he thinks Trump is such a grave threat to everything we hold dear.

Speaks volumes about his priorities and character, as well as the priorities and character of the people around him, no?

And the Left has finally taken notice.


It's only breathtaking if you haven't been paying attention to Biden's political career for the last five decades.

Boy, are you going to be disappointed in November if things don't change.

And you'll probably be disappointed even if they do. Even if Biden is replaced on the ballot, the election is a referendum on his policies -- which are the policies of the Democratic Party.

The levels of cope are epic.

So. Much. Cope.

Other X users were quick to point out Biden's acting exactly like the guy he's been his entire political career.


Right? Totally a shocker Biden is precisely who he's been.

It's almost like they lied and were lied to.

Imagine what they'll pretend to be shocked about next week.

No, they're not paying attention.

No, she didn't.

We're not surprised. He's not only wanted the presidency since the 70s, he's been a self-centered, mean-spirited jerk the entire time he's been in government.

The hyperventilating about this is delicious, not gonna lie.

And it's going to continue to get harder and harder to suspend belief.


We still have four months to the election.

Nailed it.

Learn to code, or something.

Reality bites. Hard.

Absolutely hysterical.


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