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After Decades of Malpractice, Bias, and LIES Journalism Might Finally Face Its Reckoning


There was a time I wanted to be a journalist. I studied English and professional communications in my undergraduate days, and professional writing in my Masters program. I believed, perhaps naively, that journalism was a noble profession that looked for facts, objective truths, and presented them wholly unvarnished to the reader.

I report, you decide.

Time -- and with it age and wisdom -- have dispelled me of the notion that journalism is the job I once thought it was.

But only in the last decade or so has the media thrown off even the slightest pretense of objectivity in favor of being the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. And it's not been more clear than in the last week.

Following Biden's debate, the Democratic Party and the media turned into walking, human versions of Chernobyl -- absolutely melting down.


Because it was clearly obvious that the lies (both of commission and omission) they've been spinning since 2020 -- lies about President Biden's cognitive health -- had finally, undeniably caught up with them.

Just a week prior, the White House was chiding Republicans and any American citizen with functioning eyes and brains, about videos of Biden -- looking lost, wandering off, stammering his way through speeches, reading stage directions off the teleprompter a la Ron Burgundy -- were merely 'cheap fakes'. Republican deception meant to undermine the president and make him look old and mentally unsound.

But the 'cheap fakes' story didn't start last week. It didn't star last month. It started four years ago, when Biden first ran for president. 

It was clear even then that Biden was unwell.

And yet the media was wholly incurious about it. It's literally their job to ask questions, dig for info, and find the truth to present it to the public. Especially when it comes to the powerful. Like the president.

Yet the media hid -- behind COVID and their unhinged hatred of Donald Trump -- and didn't ask questions.

Not of Biden, anyway.

Even though Jen Rubin can get on X and post -- with a straight face -- that the media never covered Trump's 'mental and personal defects' the media seem to forget that we can read and remember things.

They practically analyzed every time Trump blinked, and swore it was a sign he was unfit to serve.

So when Brian Stelter posts this, I not only laugh, but can't resist tearing the media apart.

It's laughable for Stelter to say this, given his tenure at CNN. The guy now writes for Vox, and he's going to lecture us on truthfulness in media?

The media was not clueless about Biden's health. They are with him on Air Force One, covering campaign events. They've seen the little cheat sheets he carries around, and are routinely herded like complicit cattle out of the room when they start asking questions.

They may zero effort, at least until the last couple of days, to ask why.

Why wasn't Biden holding press conferences like most of his predecessors? Why wouldn't he answer questions from the media? Why do staffers routinely usher us out of the room? 

Yet they didn't. And not because they were clueless.

But because they didn't care.

Or -- more accurately -- they cared more about protecting Biden than they did about their jobs and their duty as reporters. They cared more about their agenda than they cared about this country.

The footage of Biden looking lost, shaking hands with people who aren't there, wandering off, is available for all of us to see. Journalists were at these events. And they have access to the same social media we did. To say they were unaware of Biden's condition is a lie, and to say they weren't covering it up is a lie.

And there's ample evidence that they lie, and lie without blinking an eye. They lied about BLM, they lied about COVID, they lied about Hunter Biden, they lied about Donald Trump. When they can't lie, they call things they don't like, and things that are inconvenient to the narrative, 'misinformation.' And they do it because stopping Donald Trump is more important than doing their jobs.

They did not just have an eye-opening moment Thursday night. They knew and they lied. They're only sorry they got caught and are facing a long-deserved reckoning. One that might take down the Democratic Party in the 2024 election.

Anything they're doing now is a desperate attempt to save what little reputation they had left. Democracy didn't die in darkness; journalism died in Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The media are liars. And don't let the liars tell you otherwise.



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