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The Tide Is Turning! Tractor Supply Issues EXCELLENT Statement Following MASSIVE DEI Backlash


This requires a little bit of background. For a couple of weeks, Tractor Supply has been the subject of boycotts from the Right over its woke DEI policies.

It starts here:


Read the entire post.

The post reads:

Their CEO Hal Lawton established a DEI council and supports a radical gender ideology.Why are so many brands falling victim to this woke nonsense?

Lots of corporations have been going woke and they don't seem to care what their bottom line does.

But Tractor Supply -- where a lot of conservative shoppers get supplies and equipment -- seems to care. They lost $2 billion because of the boycotts.

Now the company has issued a statement, and it's not the milquetoast half-hearted 'apologies' we're used to.

The statement reads:


For more than 85 years, Tractor Supply has been focused on one thing…serving Life Out Here. Every day our 50,000 Team Members take care of our customers like family. We deeply value our relationship with our customers and the communities we call home.

We are passionate about being good neighbors in our hometowns because without you, we would not be what we are. It is imperative to us that our customers’ hard-earned dollars are taking care of our Team Members and the communities we all love. As you supported us, we have invested millions of dollars in veteran causes, emergency response, animal shelters, state fairs, rodeos and farmers markets. We have also invested in the future of rural America. We are the largest supporter of FFA and have longstanding relationships with 4-H and other educational organizations.

We work hard to live up to our Mission and Values every day and represent the values of the communities and customers we serve. We have heard from customers that we have disappointed them. We have taken this feedback to heart.

Going forward, we will ensure our activities and giving tie directly to our business. For instance, this means we will:

  1. No longer submit data to the Human Rights Campaign
  2. Refocus our Team Member Engagement Groups on mentoring, networking and supporting the business
  3. Further focus on rural America priorities including ag education, animal welfare, veteran causes and being a good neighbor and stop sponsoring nonbusiness activities like pride festivals and voting campaigns 
  4. Eliminate DEI roles and retire our current DEI goals while still ensuring a respectful environment
  5. Withdraw our carbon emission goals and focus on our land and water conservation efforts

We will continue to listen to our customers and Team Members. Your trust and confidence in us are of the utmost importance, and we don’t take that lightly.

As we look forward to celebrating our nation’s independence, we also celebrate our more than 50,000 team members across 2,250 stores. Rural communities are the backbone of our nation and what make America great. We are honored to be a part of them.

We are always here and ready to serve you and your family with our legendary service for the life you love. See you in the stores.


This is how it's done.

Precisely this.

We will never understand why corporations do this. They put the demands of a small population -- people who aren't usually customers to begin with -- above the wishes and preferences of their actual customer base, and it always goes badly for them.


It should be awarded.


The HRC should've been cut off a long time ago.

Yes it is.

An excellent question that we deserve answered.

Can't emphasize this enough: reward them.


Robby and his team were the first to expose Tractor Supply, and this is a huge win for them.


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