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CRINGE ALERT: IL Gov Pritzker Awkwardly Tries Dunking on Trump's Felony Convictions With a Hawk


This is so very cringe, and we're not quite sure what Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker was actually trying to do here.


The bird has no felony convictions? Okay, and?

But Trump isn't a hawk.

Also, the hawk would make a better president than Biden, because it doesn't have dementia.

They keep hammering the felony convictions, but does it really sway anyone?

People remember that -- when Trump was president -- they could afford gas and groceries. He was convicted of non-violent crimes that most Americans really don't care about.

But they do care about inflation.

So keep hammering the felony convictions. It's working so well.

He had to know people were going to go there.



Exactly. For years, the criminal justice system was inherently racist and unfair and needed reform. Criminals weren't 'criminals' anymore, but 'justice impacted individuals' -- until Trump. Then the court system was flawless, jury verdicts unassailable, and Trump nothing more than a criminal.


You know who notices this? Black voters. Which is why CNN is in a panic over them flipping to Trump.

But we digress.

The walls are finally closing in.

Laughed out loud.

Yes he did.



No one is above the law.

Except his family.



Because they cannot relate to average Americans. Just like when they try to cook; they're so out of touch it comes off as cringe.

Laughed out loud at 'Temu Jackie Gleason'. Just perfect.

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