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Clutch the Pearls: Sudden Alarmism Over 'Excessive Heat' Is the Environmentalist's Latest Panic Porn

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

I have a degree in English, and a second degree in Nursing. But even I know summer is hot, and always has been.

But the Left and the media (redundant, I know) have decided their latest attempt at fear mongering will be a major psy-op to convince you, dear reader, that this summer is one of 'excessive heat' and it's proof of climate change. 

This, by the way, is what they're defining as 'excessive heat' in Maine:

78 degrees. They used similar tactics in the U.K., where temps in the 70s were labeled 'excessive.'

That's a perfect summer day, frankly. Might even be a little too cool if you want to swim outdoors.

But never mind reality, or science, or data. It's 'excessive heat', and you better panic.

Give up your SUV and eat the bugs, and summer will no longer be warm.

Or something.

Nevermind the fact that cold kills more people than warm, with more than twice as many dying of frigid temps than hot ones.

It's not just in Maine. It's all over the world.

More from the BBC:

Many parts of the world are currently experiencing above-average temperatures, with meteorologists saying this is largely a result of global warming.

While some areas are seeing colder conditions, far more regions are enduring temperatures described as being quite a lot warmer than average. According to BBC Weather's Chris Fawkes, these heatwaves are "the fingerprint of climate change".

'Weather isn't climate.'

Until it is.

The environmentalist Left likes to act as if the science of climate is settled. Far from it. 

The earth is an estimated 4.5 billion years old. While some form of temperature data goes back to the 1650s, even NASA says the consistent logging of temps didn't start until the 1880s, which gives us about 150 years of data, or a fraction of a percentage of the earth's lifespan. And even that data -- especially the first several decades -- wasn't exactly precise. We know there have been periods of warming and cooling, because there's geological evidence for it. 

Remember that these are the people who predicted New York would be underwater by now. Climate alarmist darling Greta Thunberg deleted a 2018 post that said the world would end in 2023 if we didn't stop using fossil fuels.

But tell me more about 'settled science' (which, coming from the people who say there are 57 genders is adorable). I've also asked climate change folks on X what the ideal temperature should be.

If this is 'excessive heat' -- what should the temperature be? Surely there's an acceptable norm. How much rainfall is just enough? How many hurricanes and tornadoes are 'too many'? Yet not one climate change cultist can seem to answer these questions.

So 'excessive heat' is a sign of climate change. So is 'extreme cold'. Too much rain? Climate change. Drought? Climate change. Hurricanes? Climate change. No hurricanes? Climate change.

Not answering my very simple question is proof this isn't about science, but about control.

Science is about skepticism and inquiry. It's perfectly reasonable to look at how the 'excessive heat' narrative and question it. Especially since the 'solutions' to climate change always, invariably, are taken verbatim from the communist playbook: Don't own cars. No single family homes. Can't eat meat. Owning pets is verboten. One-child limits. Ban air conditioning.

Speaking of which -- which party wants to ban central air conditioning? Don't you think that's an essential tool to combat the excessive heat?

Makes you think.

Anyway, none of these things are would go over well on their own. Any party that ran with this as their political platform would get obliterated at the polls.

But under the guise of 'climate change' and 'saving the planet'? They can make these unpalatable ideas slightly more acceptable.

I've often said environmentalists are watermelons -- green on the outside and red on the inside.

Nothing they have done or said in the last 20 years has changed my mind on that.

So don't fall for the alarmism. It's summer. Summer is warm, and summer can get hot. 

That's how it's supposed to be.

There is nothing we can do -- we could stop using fossil fuels today and the earth's temperature will continue to change. We'll still have droughts and lots of rain and tornadoes and hurricanes and hot summers and cold winters. Eating bugs and driving electric vehicles to control the weather is the height of hubris and folly.

'Excessive heat' is a media narrative meant to cause panic and fear.


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