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Ben Kamens Doubles Down on His Student Loan Forgiveness, Says He's HAPPY Government 'Canceled' It


We're honestly surprised the original post we told you about yesterday is still up, frankly. Ben Kamens, the comms director for Rep. Marcy Kaptur, bragged yesterday that Biden had forgiven his $8,000 student loan debt and that 'elections matter' (which is an admission this is a vote-buying scheme, but we digress).


Given that Rep. Kaptur was critical of student loan forgiveness -- precisely because it benefits people like Kamens (his job has an average salary of $96,000 a year plus a pension) -- we thought maybe he'd delete it out of embarrassment or shame.

Guess not. Instead, he's doubled down and says he's happy government 'canceled' his loans.

They didn't 'cancel' anything, though. The just made sure some plumber in Kansas pays it back instead.

Apparently he does not.

And he still thanks Biden and the government.

We're responsible for them because reasons.


And just wait until they move on to mortgage debt, credit card debt, and car loans.

Because that's coming -- mortgage debt is $12.44 trillion; student loan debt is $1.77 trillion. You cannot argue the importance of forgiving student loan debt and then draw the line at mortgages. It's logically inconsistent.



Not gonna happen.

We're not sure if he means it was his job or his employer was paying it down. Either way, 14 years and they couldn't pay off $8,000 in debt? That's a failure any way you look at it.

Yet here we are.

Also -- if you do the math, $400 a month is $4800 a year. Even with insane interest rates, $400 a month for 14 years is $67,200.

He could've easily paid this off.

This is coming up next. Mark our words.

If he's complaining about $400 a month in student loan payments, How's he managing that mortgage payment?

It really is something, isn't it?


And he's bragging about it.


There is no better encapsulation of our current political climate than this: my debts are not my responsibility. They're everyone else's, and I'm proud of that.

As we said -- we're surprised he hasn't deleted all of this. Especially since he's in communications and this looks so very bad for him and the Biden administration.

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