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Backpedal Alert: Maldives Pauses Ban on Israeli Travelers After Realizing Israel Is a Multicultural State

Back at the start of June, we told you how the Maldives had banned Israeli tourists from the country over the war in Gaza (the war Hamas started, mind you).

The predominantly Muslim nation relies on tourism and apparently realized that Israel -- which is accused of being an 'apartheid state' -- actually has Arabs and Muslims living as Israeli citizens.


Womp womp.

Bingo. An apartheid state doesn't give equal rights and citizenship to all peoples. Israel does.

They realized they can't ban Israelis because not all Israelis are Jews.


A boycott would send a message.

Hampering the major driver of your economy was a bad idea.

Who knew?

Both things can be true.

Sums it up perfectly.

Really is a *chef's kiss*, isn't it?



Couldn't have explained it better ourselves.

A major tell.


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